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In order to install the Biorower app, please enable “install from unknown sources”.

Download the manual on how to set-up and run the S1club.

Is the tablet included?

No. In order to connect with the included sensors (Bluetooth), and to use the Biorower App (included) you will need an android tablet with the following specs:

# Android 5.x or higher
# Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
# Screen resolution 1280 x 800 or 1366 x 768 (the app is currently optimized for these resolutions, with the next updates, the list is planned to be enhanced)


Is the assembly difficult?

No. There is a clear cut manual. The assembly is a simple set-by-step process.
The assembly should be done by 2 people, and it usually takes roughly 20-30 minutes.


How long is the warranty?

We offer a 2 year warranty.


What if something breaks – how do I get my Biorower fixed again?

The entire concept of the Biorower is made for easy maintainance and service. Problems occur rarely, but any mechanical product will have faults eventually during its long product life.
If you are located in a country where there is no dealership, we provide video chat customer service and express shipping of spare parts.

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