True indoor sculling – BIOROWER S1club

The S1club is built like a single scull racing shell. The cockpit dimensions and adjustability options are boat native. The way the S1club feels to row, the way it handles and the way your back feels strong but never overloaded after a long session, all of this comes closer to the boat than any indoor rower will ever get. Because of its precise feedback, the S1club is used by Olympic athletes for their preparation, as well as by people who have never touched a boat.

When we won the ISPO Brand New Award in 2018, for manufacturing the “best new fitness product on the market”, we did our first exposition to strictly non-rowers. We wanted to know, how long it would take complete beginners to learn the basic technique so that they were ready for longer training sessions. 
The quickest took 34 seconds, the slowest 56 seconds. 

I could not have asked for a better proof of concept.

Aram, Biorower founder


Space needed
Length without slide frame  164cm / 64,6 in
Width without slide frame  175cm / 68,9 in
Length with slide frame  230 cm / 90,6 in
Total weight of the unit 70kg / 155lbs

Packaging dimensions
Shipped in one crate per unit.
114cm x 76cm x 80cm
45in x 30in x 31,5in


Adjustable foot stretchers

The foot stretchers (foot plates) are adjustable in height and length to adapt to the length of your legs.

This is a common feature in every racing shell, therefore it is a must on the Biorower.

Variable handle height

The Biorower S1club adjusts naturally to your individual upper body height.
The handle height is continously variable. If you have a tall upper body, you will naturally pull a bit higher,
while people with shorter upper bodies will naturally pull a bit lower.

Rotating oar handles

The S1club features rotating handles to replicate the realistic rowing motion in every possible detail.
Although rotating your handles at the catch and at the finish position is not mandatory, for many of our customers it is an essential part of the real Biorower experience.

Slide System

In order to reduce the total load which travels through the body during every drive phase, the Biorower S1club sits on a slide system. Instead of moving yourself back and forth, much like on the water, you move the Biorower back and forth.
In combination with the realistic oar handles, this creates an unmatched rowing feeling which takes many people by surprise.

High precision data read out with a staggering 99% accuarcy rate

Angle sensors and straingauges on both oar handles precisely measure how much force is applied at which position of the stroke.

The data is forwarded via Bluetooth® to your Android® device, which functions as a screen.
The Biorower S1club provides elaboratedata such as the stroke length and the applied force, left and right separately.

Thanks to the continuous live feedback, athletes and coaches understand the effect of the slightest change in rowing stroke immediately. This allows entire teams to synchronize the way they influence their boat – off the water. A priceless advantage in terms of time and money.

Compare featuresS1proS1club
Sweep rowingyes
Instability mechanismyes
High precision data / Biorower Appyesyes
Variable handle heightyesyes
Rotating oar handlesyesyes
Rotating oar handles with 71° lock mechanismyes

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