The Biorower S1pro for sculling and sweep rowing. Made for professionals.

It is like a modular rowing tank. The cockpit set-up and the rowing feeling is as close to your boat as anything on land will ever get.
You can do sculling and sweep rowing, it can be made instable and you can add more S1pro models to “team boats”. Their data read-out has 1% accuarcy tolerance and always shows you both sides separately – length and power and everything else. 

This is like a modular rowing tank, only better and much cheaper to buy and to operate.


Sweep Rowing

The most accurate data read-out in the market

Live data read out with 1% accuarcy tolerance. 

Live force curves, 

Live stroke lengths

Live rowing technique data


Get faster in the boat – off the water

Stable or Instable?
You now have the choice to set your S1pro stable or instable.

The S1pro comes with a unique and heavily sought after feature: a mechanism to train you core stability for the boat. Coping with imbalanced boats is one of the greatest challenge for rowers. With the S1pro, you can work on this all winter long – and all summer.

Adjustable foot stretchers

Like your boat, the S1pro comes with adjustable foot stretchers. The foot plate is adjustable in length and height, to make your Biorower your perfect indoor workplace.

This makes the Biorower S1pro the most realistic rowing machine in the market. 

Adjustable inboards (oar handles)

When setting up your boat, one of the first things pro athletes do is to make sure the oar lengths are right.
The S1pro is specifically made for pro-rowers, who do not compromise indoors – it comes with fully adjustable inboards.

The Biorower S1pro is the most accurate rowing machine in the world - it comes with adjustble inboards, like your boat.

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