Biorower rowing machines are extremely durable

True rowing – now indoors

The Biorower S1club has set new standards for what is expected from an indoor rower.
With its roots in the elite rowing scene, its cockpit dimensions precisely matches racing boat standards.
The geometry of the body motion is identical to the boat – with all its health benefits of conventional ergometers.

Both, the cockpit dimensions and the adjustability of the S1club precisely match the rowing shell.

The feel of the resistance during the drive feels astonishingly realistic.
Ultra precise sensors measure and send biomechanic data from both oar handles seperately in real time to your mobile device, using the Biorower App.

The most relistic rowing machine on the market has been awarded the prestigious ISPO Brandnew award for its ultra realistic rowing feeling.


Space needed
Length without slide frame  164cm / 64,6 in
Width without slide frame  175cm / 68,9 in
Length with slide frame  230 cm / 90,6 in
Total weight of the unit 70kg / 155lbs

Packaging dimensions
Shipped in one crate per unit.
114cm x 76cm x 80cm
45in x 30in x 31,5in

Remarkable Features

Adjustable foot stretchers

The foot stretchers (foot plates) are adjustable in height and length.
This feature is found in every good rowing shell, and certainly is a must on the Biorower S1club.
Body sizes differ from person to person. Therefore, your Biorower S1club comes with adjustable foot plates.
People with longer legs put their foot plates farther away from the rail than those who have a bit shorter legs.
It is not your height that makes the difference, but the joy you get from rowing.

Flexible handle height

The Biorower S1club adjusts naturally to your individual upper body height.
The handle height is continously variable. If you have a tall upper body, you will naturally pull a bit higher,
while people with shorter upper bodies will naturally pull a bit lower.

Rotating oar handles

The S1club features rotating handles to replicate the realistic rowing motion in every possible detail.
Although rotating your handles at the catch and at the finish position is not mandatory, for many of our customers it is an essential part of the real Biorower experience.

Live data to your mobile device
Unmatched 1% accuarcy tolerance

Angle sensors and straingauges on both oar handles precisely measure how much force is applied at which position of the stroke.
The Biorower tells you how long your strokes are, how much force you apply with each hand, and feeds that data live to your mobile Android® device.

Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.


As you row, your S1club naturally moves back and forth on the slide frame.
This results in
+ less impact on the entire body
+ the rowing motion feels more realistic, and compares even better to the boat
Watch the video. You’ll see that the Biorower moves effortlessly back and forth as you row.

 Why is rowing so healthy?

The rowing workout is a full body, low impact strenght and endurance workout.
The Biorower replicates the original rowing motion – this motion helps you to use 80-90% of all muscles in your body.
The real rowing is one of the healthiest, most comprehensive workouts you can possibly do. It gives you both – strength and endurance.

While the increased strength improves your muscle structure, the endurance training eliminates certain hormones which are required for stress related burnout symptoms.

Who is this rowing machine designed for?

Rowers, Gyms and Home-Fitness
It is specifically designed to make natural rowing possible for as many people as possible.

I am not a rower – will this work for me?

Yes.First up: With the purchase of your S1club, we now include a remote instruction session with a professional rowing coach (Video call)
Tests we have carried out have shown evidence that the realistic rowing movement is easier to learn than rowing on linear drive ergs. (like the example in the picture below) All people tested proclaimed that rowing effectively on a Biorower appears to be more intuitive, logical to the body, and therefore easier to understand and apply than rowing on conventional ergometers, where rowers pull linear, which was perceived as “difficult” and “involving stiff muscles”.

Can I row the S1club with one oar only as well?

No. The S1club is a dedicated sculling device.

Which mobile device do I need as a display?

You need an Android device with the following specs:
# Android 5.x or higher

Where do I get the App?

You find the latest version of the App in the Google Playstore*:

Is the assembly of the Biorower difficult?

No. There is a clear cut manual. The assembly is a simple set-by-step process.
The assembly should be done by 2 people, and it usually takes roughly 20-30 minutes.

How long is the warranty?

Your new Biorower is covered by a 2 year warranty.

What if I need support?

The entire concept of the Biorower is made for easy maintainance and service. Problems occur rarely, but any mechanical product will have faults eventually during its long product life.
If you are located in a country where there is no dealership, we provide extensive customer service by phone, video chat or e-mail, and express shipping of spare parts.

*Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC

Compare featuresS1proS1club
Sweep rowingyes
Instability mechanismyes
High precision data / Biorower Appyesyes
Variable handle heightyesyes
Rotating oar handlesyesyes
Rotating oar handles with 71° lock mechanismyes

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