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The new standard for Gyms, Rowing Clubs and Home Fitness
Made for Non-Rowers and Pros alike.

+ boat native cockpit, including fully adjustable foot stretchers
+ rotating handles, just like in your boat
+ the best electronic measurement system we have ever built: the brand new Biorower App for your personal mobile device

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real rowing – now indoors

Natural rowing

Healthy full body workout

Enjoy every minute


T h e   f e a t u r e s


Racing boat native spread and inboard length dimensions

These dimensions are important to genrate the realisticly healthy rowing movement from the boat.

The distance from oar lock to oar lock, also called span or spread is a crucial mark when it comes to setting up a boat. Every S1pro comes with a standard span of 160cm.
Likewise, the inboard length is crucial to experience the same rotation angle as in the boat. Naturally, your Biorower comes with the racing shell native inboard length of 88cm.







Rotating handles

The rotating handles provide the BIOROWER typical multidimensional feedback. This means that you may feather and square the blades just like you would do it in the boat.

Adjustable foot stretchers

In every new boat we sit in, the first thing we check is the position of the foot stretchers. Of course you do the same on your BIOROWER. A solid mechanism allows you to set your foot stretchers according to your individual body proportions.


Adjustable height of your feet on the foot plate

The angle of the knees, the resulting angle of the hip and of the ankle are essentially responsible for the ability to apply power that connects your foot stretchers with your blade. The BIOROWER is built to prepare you to win on the water, in your racing shell. This is what we beleive it is important that you can adjust your BIOROWER to your boat measurements. However, as soon as athletes are off the water, they tend to set their training device to be as comfortable as possible. The boat, however, is not always comfortable. The height difference from your seat to your heels are mostly determined by the depth of your racing shell.


The App

Force and angle sensors measure your performance every stroke

One bluetooth sender on each side transmitts all data to a mobile Android device

The senders have micro-USB-rechargable batteries which last for 24 hours of consequtive training.

The included Biorower App provides live data about your performance, and about your technique

Share your training data online through the Biorower portal with other people from around the globe


Discover the App





Why is rowing so healthy?

  • improves your strenght + your endurance
  • this specific workout helps to prevent burnout
  • clears your mind

The real rowing is one of the healthiest, most comprehensive workouts you can possibly do. It gives you both – strength and endurance. The rowing workout helps many people to clear their minds, make themselves tired, and catch a good sleep.

While the increased strength improves your muscle structure, the endurance training eliminates certain hormones which are required for stress related burnout symptoms.

Who is this rowing machine designed for?

Rowers, Gyms and Home-Fitness

It is specifically designed to make natural rowing possible for as many people as possible.

I am not a rower – will this work for me?

Yes.First up: With the purchase of your S1club, we now include a remote instruction session with a professional rowing coach (Video call)

Tests we have carried out have shown evidence that the realistic rowing movement is easier to learn than rowing on linear drive ergs. (like the example in the picture below) All people tested proclaimed that rowing effectively on a Biorower appears to be more intuitive, logical to the body, and therefore easier to understand and apply than rowing on conventional ergometers, where rowers pull linear, which was perceived as “difficult” and “involving stiff muscles”.


Is the tablet included?

No. In order to connect with the included sensors (Bluetooth), and to use the Biorower App (included) you will need an android tablet with the following specs:

# Android 5.x or higher
# Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
# Screen resolution 1280 x 800 or 1366 x 768 (the app is currently optimized for these resolutions, with the next updates, the list is planned to be enhanced)

How much space will I need?

When in use: apprx. 200cm x 200cm
When in storage: apprx. 200xm by 50cm (simply put it upright next to a wall)

How will the S1club be shipped?

It will be shipped in a wooden box.
Approximate dimension: 100x80x60 cm
Weight: apprx. 60kg

Is the assembly difficult?

No. There is a clear cut manual. The assembly is a simple set-by-step process.
The assembly should be done by 2 people, and it usually takes roughly 20-30 minutes.

What our customers have to say


The BIOROWER feels very realistic compared with the boat”
Ondrej Synek (CZE),
Olympic Silver Medalist
World Champion
European Champion

Alexander Leichter (AUT) Captain of Cambridge University Eight 2015
Although I had been rowing for years, I knew comparatively little about my technique.
The BIOROWER unmistakably showed me how much potential my stroke has.
Thanks to the live-feedback it helps me to professionally and continuously improve my rowing technique.



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Additional information

Weight90 kg
Dimensions114 x 76 x 80 cm