2002 – today – tomorrow

How the Biorower became the most realistic rowing machine in the world

2014 / 2015

Over the winter 2014 / 2015 the main cover and major elements of the already massive drive traing was redesigned to withstand even higher loads over long time periods. It the last official model of the S1pro handmade series before the development of the S1club. Along with the redesign of the S1pro, the R2pro, the dry land pair, saw major refinement to unmatched levels of realistic dry land rowing.

*The image shows Biorower Co-Founder Aram Lemmerer with World Champion and Olympic Medallist Ondrej Synek during a test session at the international Regatta in Racice (CZE). Synek skipped most of his race warm up to spend more than 30 minutes on the S1pro, later saying that “it is very realistic compared to the boat”.


2012 / 2013

In 2012 we kept on refining our design and the mechanics. The Biorower S1 had already reached a level of preciseness which was unmatched by anything else that was available for money or good words.

The Biorower was undoubtedly the best rowing machine in the world, and the most expensive. According to our customers, worth it by every cent.


Biorower S1 - 2012 - 2013


The R2pair saw another massive improvement the same year, establishing improved full oar solutions, the new cover, which was later released on the S1pro handmade series, and the swing frame: an adjustable tilt mechanism to simulate the typical instability of racing boats.



Biorower R2pair - 2011


The year of 2011 brought major changes in the sweep rowing development. Together with our new design we had mastered the technical challenges of coping with up to 1.500 NM during the drive phase. (the combined torque of 3 (three!) six cylinder diesel engines running on full throttle)


In 2010 we finally introduced what would later become “the Biorower design”.

The characteristic shape of the main body, which reminds a lot of our customers of formula one cars or a contra base, has ever since shaped the visual dynamics of “best rowing machines in the world”.

Biorower S1pro - 2010


Biorower S1pro-2010

Biorower R4-straightfour - 2007/2008

2007 / 2008

In 2007 we started the development for the biggest project we had ever back then – the construction of the first Biorower R4sweep four. Countless trips to our customer, the Radley College in England, were the result. We succeeded.

2006 / 2007

What a success! In 2006 we met one of the worlds best rowers, Marcel Hacker, and gave him the opportunity to try a Biorower. He loved it, and so we build a very special S1 for him. The Marcel Hacker Biorower precisely matched his Empacher K12 demensions – he could even use his original footstretchers of his boat, along with his seat, to train on the Biorower.

Biorower S1pro for Marcel Hacker - 2006



2004 / 2005

Already then, we started on developing first ideas of a single frame system for the Biorower. The final design was published in 2007 as an alternative to the cage frame system we had been using ever since our early beginnings.

Biorower S1 - 2007


Biorower S1 - 2002

2002 / 2003

This is one of the rare pictures of the first prototypes ever completed. Back than, we did not even hav a name for “the machine”, but the very same vision that we have today – love for true rowing, on land and on water.