Biorower App

r o w . c o n n e c t

s h a r e   y o u r   p a s s i o n






The new BIOROWER App performes a full biomechanical analysis of every rowing stroke you do.

Train live with other athletes around the world on Biorower ultra realistc rowing machines.

You decide, how much you need for your training.

Instead of using complicated displays, you can now simply use you smartphone or your tablet.

Use your own smartphone or tablet as your display.

Store training data on your device and upload it to the Biorower-Portal.

Connect with your crew members online and share your progress data.

!Heads up coaches: As a coach, you can form your team online and receive all training data instantly. You know exactly which athlete influences the boat in which way – selection has never been so easy and as transparent as with the Biorower. Let the facts work for you.


The Cockpit View

Left handle Stroke Length (80°)

Left handle Power per Stroke (158 Watts)

Right handle Stroke Length (65°)

Right handle Power per Stroke (206 Watts)

Total Power per Stroke of both hands combined (364 Watts)

Average Power of both hands combined (350 Watt)

Pace / 500m calculated to the actual speed of a singlescull (versus the way too quick speeds of standard ergs) (01:39)

Total distance travelled in km (0.015)

Stroke rate in the top centre (40 spm)

Average Stroke rate (39 spm)

Training time (0:00:04.3)

Stroke count (2)

The Signal Mode

The bottom curves indicate the applied force (blue for the right hand, orange for the left hand)

The long curves indicate the current position of the handles during the stroke cycle

This mode is crucial for coaches and athletes to understand the influence rowers have on their boat.





Select the parameters you want to see live during your work out



Get in depth reports of your training