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Developed by professional rowers

and elite level coaches to bring real indoor rowing to everyone.




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Rowing is one of the best sports to stay fit your entire life.
Gerlinde has rowed for most of her life, at almost 75 years of age, she tells her story.




Rowing at the age of 74…

Why Doctors prefer the real rowing for Physiotherapy

Find out, why some of the best Orthopaedics

and Physiotherapists now use Biorower.


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The new Biorower App connects wireless with your Tablet.

It delivers unmatched data – from the cockpit mode, for your full training overview, to biomechanic analysis data such as force/angle curves.

You can have it simple or you can get the full load – your choice!


The Biorower App

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The S1club gives you the same workout that the boat does.

# realistic cockpit dimensions

# natural resistance

# made by professionals for professionals

# highly suitable for non-rowers: real rowing is easy to learn



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Find out, why professionals and non-rowers alike love the Biorower rowing feeling.



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