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# All S1club models of the first delivery run are sold out 6 months ahaed of delivery. 

Second delivery run scheduled for Dec 2017 / Jan 2018. Pre-order now!


# S1club models immediately available / in stock, only in Switzerland and in the Netherlands. Rest sold out.

The next delivery run is scheduled for December 2017 / January 2018. Contact our dealers here.


# Test the S1club at the World Masters Regatta in Bled (Slovenia)

September 6th – 9th, 2017





The brand new S1club series

Original Rowing, as it was meant to be

Rowing Clubs – Fitness – Home

The new S1club marks a mile stone for indoor rowing, and certainly a mile stone for Biorower.
This is professional rowing equipment at the price of fitness equipment.

The S1club was specifically designed for rowing clubs, gyms, and home use.



The new Biorower App


share your rowing – wherever you are

The new BIOROWER App performes a full biomechanical analysis of every rowing stroke you do.

Train live with other athletes around the world on Biorower ultra realistc rowing machines.





Store training data on your device and upload it to the Biorower-Portal.
Connect with your crew members online and share your progress data.
!Heads up coaches: As a coach, you can form your team online and receive all training data instantly. You know exactly which athlete influences the boat in which way – selection has never been so easy and as transparent as with the Biorower. Let the facts work for you.


“The BIOROWER feels very realistic compared with the boat”

Ondrej Synek (CZE),

Olympic Silver Medalist

World Champion

European Champion

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Why the BIOROWER is so realistic

Rowing, as it is meant to be – now also indoors






We have come a long way


to make this happen



If you put in everything you are,

winning is not an option anymore, but the logical consequence.

We stand behind our product with everything we are and everything we have.

There is no other way than seeing the

BIOROWER become the new standard in 21st century rowing.

At the beginning of our story, there was a vision of a rowing machine that needs to be rowed like a boat.

So we did. Like young athletes, we started with no experience, no cash and certainly no support.
So what, we kept on going.
Learning to make the perfect BIOROWER, meant learning to perfectly understand the interaction between the athlete and the boat.

# Rowing efficiently, means understanding your individual potential. Every athlete has an absolutely unique body.

# Moving a boat truly fast, means understanding what the boat can do and what it cannot do. In order to controll your boat, you have to controll yourself. In order to get the boat going fast, you need to be able to feel it.

# Rowing together, means influencing the boat exactly the same way – not looking the same.

Today, we passionately manufacture rowing machines, our customers call “the most effective training device for real rowing”.

What makes a BIOROWER so special is the combination of three key elements:
– The way every BIOROWER is built (it has the exact set up and the adjustability of a racing shell)
– The mechanic feedback (the machine moves on its sliding frame back and forth as you row, together with both inboards being independently connected to one shared resistance unit, the BIOROWER makes you feel what the boat needs from you in order to go fast.
– The E-Package, which allows rowers and coaches to get to know the influence athletes have on their boats. It allows all members of the team to connect and share their rowing data to save precious time to enjoy rowing more.

All of this leads to the point where athletes forget about the theory and start to row efficiently fast – – because they understand how to use their potential. It is not important if you are tall or not, it is important that you understand what your potential is to row fast – and to learn how to use it. That’s the mission of BIOROWER.

Aram Lemmerer, founder of BIOROWER


get professional rowing coaching

assisted with Biorower